Wait. How do you get internet?

I was struggling a little with this. Many of the families I know have Grandfathered unlimited plans Don't use a lot of data Tether from their phone "Rent" a grandfathered MiFi device on Ebay (For twice the price) Recently, a new opportunity came out. It's called the OmniLynx. It a wireless internet service provided by

Isabelle’s Birthday!

A year ago today, I suppose you could say we started this journey.  Now, we are living full-time. Having started the full-time journey just less than a month ago.  We have gone to the beach and mostly just relax at Thousand Trails so far. Since we were still not quite

We Launched!!! A day late, but we are outta here.

Well, we are launching a day later than planned. However, I think we got it all packed (temporarily) and we are finally ready to go. Unfortunately, we found out we cannot tow our vehicle so that is going to make the trip a little longer.   #wyff Of course, for our